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Oppo’s latest phone has the best notch yet

This isn’t a flagship phone in terms of specs, however. The processor is an eight-core Mediatek Helio P60, the screen is a 19.5:9 1080p LCD, and the 3,500mAh battery charges over MicroUSB — though it does at least use Oppo’s VOOC fast-charging tech, which is the same thing as OnePlus’ Dash Charge. (I’m not just saying that — I put a VOOC Micro USB cable into the Dash charger that came with the OnePlus 6, and sure enough it fast-charged the F9 with an onscreen VOOC logo.)

The F9’s primary camera is a 16-megapixel f/1.9 module with a 2-megapixel secondary sensor used for backup information, while the selfie camera is 25 megapixels at f/2.0. There’s a headphone jack, a microSD slot, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. It’s also the first phone to use Gorilla Glass 6, which is supposed to survive up to 15 drops from one meter, which I have not tested.

The F9 is launching in India and Southeast Asian markets including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It’s also coming to Middle East/North Africa markets such as Egypt and Morocco. Pricing information isn’t yet available.

Meanwhile, a similar phone for China, the R17, is set to launch later this week with higher specs including an OLED screen, a Snapdragon 670 processor, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. The connection between OnePlus and Oppo can be overstated, but it’s true that the two companies cooperate with supply chain resources and often end up using similar components. The OnePlus 6 has the same screen and notch design as the Oppo R15 Pro, for example — so could a presumed 6T end up with a notch like the F9 and R17’s later this year?

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