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Water from thin air

In the wake of commencing with the exacting moonshot prize in 2004, the XPRIZE establishment tries to take care of worldwide issues that industry sees no benefit in. The current year’s perfect water challenge plans to supply the 2.1 billion individuals who at present need safe drinkable water with a gadget that can separate “at least 2,000 liters of water for every day from the environment utilizing 100 for each penny sustainable power source, at a cost of close to 2 pennies for each liter.”

The general objective is to supplant exorbitant desalination plants that create CO2 and direct saline solution once again into the oceans – harming the atmosphere and the biological community. All hardware – including support for 10 entire years – needs to cost under $146,000.

The first round of testing occurred in January with cycle two approaching in July. The victor brings home is $1.5 million yet each shortlisted group gets an offer of $250,000. These are the organizations endeavoring to win the prize.

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